• Wine Etiquette Tasting 3/10


    Friday March 10th at 4pm


    Did you know there is a certain type of etiquette one must have when they open a bottle of wine? News to me as well. One must have a very large fancy glass with ones pinky out while tasting. Your best clothes had better be pressed and your thinking cap shall always be turned on. Wine is meant to not be fun and how dare you enjoy it? Wine is a serious game people!!!

    That's why we at Rain City Wines don't care what kinda glass you drink out of. Don't have Bordeaux wine glasses clean? Fine...a sippy cup will work with that bottle of 1986 Petrus. Rosé not cold enough? Toss some ice cubes in it. Folks...wine is meant to be fun and meant to be enjoyed with people who like having fun as much as you do.

    Now, Nicole and I love drinking spendy wines as most people do but we also love drinking those daily drinkers, sometimes more than the spendy ones. Friday we'll be tasting a gaggle of dailys that are so good I put some in the month wine club and a few that are so amazing...I bought what was left.

    Here we go!

    2015 Laballe Les Terres Basses Cotes de Gascogne Blanc $9

    2016 Ostatu Rosado Rioja $14

    2015 Chateau Teulon Costieres de Nimes $13

    2015 Aussieres Pays d'Oc Rouge $13

    2011 Chateau Puynard Bordeaux $13

    As you can see...this is all about having fun so come check out the juice and make a decision for yourself.

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