• Wines of Romania, Yes! Romania 3/11

    March 11th at 3pm
    If you would have told me last year I would be doing a tasting of wines from Romania in the upcoming year...I would have shot Merlot out my nose. A few weeks ago I decided to say yes to an importer and taste some wines from Romania. I mean...Trump became President and nobody saw that coming so why the hell not?

    Needless to say, the wines were not bad, but being that this shop brings in wines based off what you, the customers likes and buy...I said..."let's do a tasting!"  

    Now before you skip out on this tasting cause you've never heard of decent wiens from this country, you should know a few things about Romania. First, they've been making wine for over 6000 years. Yeah, there's that. Second, they are the 6th largest producer of wine within the EU countries. Not too shabby if you ask me!

    Now I like to think that I know a lot about wine but when it comes to Romania...I don't. I'll have the importer at the shop pouring wines and answering questions as I want you guys to get the correct answers. Now for the wines...

    2014 Prince Stirbey Rose Cuvee - self-contained wine full of fresh power, the perfect companion for smoked fish or cured ham, or to buoy up a summertime evening barbecue. It is a dashing alternative for meals when guests are uncertain whether to serve red or white.

    2013 Prince Stirbey Negru de Dragasani - The grape of Negru de Dragasani, stemming from Negru Vartos and Babeasca Neagra, with its intense bouquet and its fresh and velvety texture, inspired us to make the first red Stirbey wine, which is not aged in wooden barrels, but bottled directly after vinification. It reflects the grape´s character, with a fresh impression and dense aromas of fruits and condiments.

    2013 Metamorfosis Pinot Noir - So I won't like...if you didn't know better, this resebles a Burgundy from France at about 1/8th the cost. I was smiling when I tasted it cause it had the tobacco, ripe cherries, and vine-fruit, yet still had some tannins and body but kept rolling till the last drop.

    2013 Metamorfosis Merlot - I really hate to say this but...this is more like a Pomerol Bordeaux than any other so-called right bank Bordeaux style wine found in the US. It dances on your palate like a butterfly yet still has the power and grace. When you see the price you'll laugh!!

    2015 Metamorfosis Tamaioasa Romaneasca & Muscat Ottonel - This one took me by suprise. Floral notes with hints of mint, basil and the taste of honey & light pear. I've never heard of the grapes used but holy shit!! Love it!!!

    Well there it is peeps. A tasting that I never thought would happen...cause I had just never really thought about it.

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