$1 Utah Goldback

$1 Utah Goldback
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The Utah Goldback Series begins with the 1 Goldback Design, and it is loaded with different symbols and cultural nods. The virtue Prudentiae, or Prudence, is featured here as a Native American woman, having many items and attributes traditionally attributed to coming from each of the five most prominent Native American tribes in Utah, namely: the Ute, Paiute, Goshute, Shoshone, and the Navajo. Prudence is seated on a sandstone rock next to an ancient bristlecone pine tree (one of the longest lived trees in the world), nodding to the throne that Prudence is traditionally seated upon, an elevated status as a virtue from which many virtues claim their origin, and the wisdom learned through the ages.

Goldbacks use proprietary technology to mint gold into usable forms for small to large transactions. A 1 Goldback note is currently the world’s only true way to own 1/1000th oz physical gold in a single unit. 1,000 Goldbacks of any denomination add up to be one ounce of gold. Each denomination carries the same premium as any other making the Goldback a very useful currency tool. 

% Troy Ounce 24K Gold
• 1 Goldback = 1/1000th Ounce
• 5 Goldback = 1/200th Ounce
• 10 Goldback = 1/100th Ounce
• 25 Goldback = 1/40th Ounce
• 50 Goldback = 1/20th Ounce

Some have asked how we calculate how many Goldbacks one must use versus the traditional fiat currency?  Goldback created a calculator that converts USD to the value of Goldbacks.



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