Bonne Fortune Vin Biologique Syrah

Bonne Fortune Vin Biologique Syrah
  • $ 18.00

This little gem was sourced from a particular part of France that will not be named but I can assure you, you've heard of the producer and his wines.  Most of the time I'll only get around 12 bottles a year of his so-called daily drinking Syrah but there was an off-chance and these are some of the younger organic grapes with almost no oak.  Don't overthink this...this is the perfect daily Syrah with great pedigree.  Okay...I like the label as well but the wine is pretty amazing and knowing where the grapes come from...It's like a $50 savings...hence the name of the wine.  If I can grab more later I'll try.  I know it's all gone now.

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