Cieck Erbaluce di Caluso 2020

Cieck Erbaluce di Caluso 2020
  • $ 19.00
In traditional style Falconieri grows his Erbaluce on pergolas, trained up posts and then spreading out over trellises above. It’s back, neck and arm-straining work to pick, but it allows this golden hued grape to develop loads of flavor while keeping acids high and sugars low (this is just 13.0% alcohol).  Made cool in steel, it’s boldly aromatic, showing scents of sliced pineapple, juicy nectarine, crushed peppermint, exotic acacia flower and a tiny hint of beeswax.   The flavors of stone fruit, lemon/lime citrus and mountain herbs are bold as well, and they keep on flowing through a very long, vibrant, mouthwatering, finish.  In Turin, it’s a favorite aperitivo before dinner, delicious with bites of antipasti, and a lovely accompaniment to fresh fish.
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