Domaine Brunely Cotes du Rhone Villages Massif d'Uchaux "Tissote" 2019

Domaine Brunely Cotes du Rhone Villages Massif d'Uchaux
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The Massif d'Uchaux is a forested area home to the most mineral-rich soils in the Southern Rhône Valley and one of 21 villages deemed distinctive enough by the regional wine board to have the right to place their village name on the label. In other words, this appellation is considered FAR superior to ordinary Cotes du Rhone, and also a distinct step up from Cotes du Rhone Villages.

Ok, you ask, "Will it drink like Chateauneuf-du-Pape?"

No! But that is just fine....We don't want it to! Wines from the Massif make up for any lack of Chateauneuf blue-chip power/body with a mossy, minerally, wild berry-tinged character, which sets this village apart from other premium microclimates in the region. The savory forest floor elements are really coming through on the nose today thanks in part to a later than usual release and a modest alcohol level of 13.5%.

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