Domaine Casa Rossa IGP Rosé 2021

Domaine Casa Rossa IGP Rosé 2021
  • $ 16.00

This little IGP rosé from France is just what the doctored ordered.  With bottle in hand, once chilled...hold bottle tightly.  Grab the top of the bottle and twist.  You'll hear a sound somewhat like someone getting they're back cracked at the Chiro.  That's when you know the party is about to start.

Well strutted with a light rose petal color.  Pretty complex on the nose but not so much that you're struggling to figure things out.  Notes will jump out at you like Hendrix on his guitar. Fresh fruit and a slight spicy note hits the're in intrigued.  The palate puts your mind in a you like it or love it?  You're so confused with it and confused that you made the wrong decision about where to send your kids this summer for camp.  Some ripe fruit, little pepper toasted with a smile and a twinkle in your eyes.  It's real!

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