Domaine Doreau Monthelie Rouge 2001

Domaine Doreau Monthelie Rouge 2001
  • $ 34.00
The 2001 is not a typo- it is, indeed, twenty years older than the 2021. Made by Jerome’s father and just arrived direct from the cellar, this is in perfect condition with moist corks (expect a bit of black flor on the outside tops which is normal), with crimson/brick color bordering on brown tones. Sweet aromatics with the savory, super-complex aged Burgundy spectrum components that we seek in such a wine. Not everyone digs old Burgundy- and if you don't, you're dead to me- but if you do, this is a perfect example! I only have a case but throw a bottle or two while I have them into your case of 2021 and you’ll be a happy camper! (2021 comes out later)  And here’s the thing, Doreau, by virtue of being based in Monthelie and not, say, Pommard or Volany, remains well under the radar of all but the most ardent fans of Cotes de Beaune reds and remains, we think, unbelievably well priced.  Trust me, these kinds of values are becoming more and more rare.         
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