Domaine Pierre Chauvin Les Tournailles Anjou 2012

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Domaine Pierre Chauvin Les Tournailles Anjou 2012
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The Domaine Pierre Chauvin started 5 generation ago, at the heart of the vineyard of Coteaux du Layon. Since 1993, Paul-Eric Chauvin, Philippe Cesbron and more recently Mireille Vigneron run this vineyard of 15 hectares. In the constant concern of respecting the environment, they converted it to organic farming in 2005 and conducted their first harvest certified AB in 2008. The wine is made in the most natural way possible in order to preserve and to find in the wine all the fruity grapes’ potential. Nowadays these organic wines express wonderfully the “terroir”. The vineyard proposes a great amount of quality wines to make sure everyone enjoys!

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