Graham's Port Packet

Graham's Port Packet
  • $ 40.00

One bottle of Graham's Six Grapes is  dark red in color, with a seductive rich perfume of ripe plums and cherries. On the palate, complex, with good structure and a long lingering finish. Best served at the end of the meal, for example with rich, nutty or chocolate desserts, as well as strong cheeses.  Try it with Cheesecake.

One bottle of Graham's 10 Year Tawny Port has a nose and palate that are nicely aligned, with notes of roasted nuts, caramel and cinnamon accompanying red-berried fruit, leading to a full, spicy finish.  Try it with a cigar, maybe some bitter chocolate or some Fran's smoked caramels.

Thought you all would like a little deal with some Port as we are getting colder out.  Ruby &'s not just the name of the next Harry Potter adult film.  Once these Ports are open you have almost a whole year to consume them!!!


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