Guy Breton Chiroubles 2018

Guy Breton Chiroubles 2018
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Unlike Morgon or Côte-de-Brouilly, Chiroubles is not a Beaujolais cru that has been a fixture of our portfolio over the last five decades. Exceptional wines from here have proved elusive because, until recently, high-quality cru Beaujolais had not been popular enough to justify the backbreaking labor and financial investment involved in farming these incredibly steep slopes. We imported one in the ’90s, and then not again until the 2017 vintage, when Guy Breton decided to pursue Chiroubles and crafted one of our most beautiful Beaujolais of that vintage.

He’s back with an equally perfumed and silky rendition that has a habit of vanishing quickly. Chiroubles sits in the middle of the vertical band of the ten Beaujolais crus and represents the highest-altitude cru. Its elevation and cooler temperatures mean that grapes ripen more slowly and often produce wines that are among the least concentrated of the region. Guy’s Chiroubles is floral and succulent, bursting with notes of little red berries, but it is also delicate and light on its feet. It serves as a phenomenal counterpoint to some of the more structured Gamays that we import from Beaujolais. Try this wine alongside some chicken salad or grilled fish.

Tom Wolf

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