JC Clare 2019

G.D. Vajra

JC Clare 2019
  • $ 19.00

It's hard to describe how I feel about this wine.  Let me see if I can set it up for you...

You know how a lot of people have jumped on The Dead & Company wagon?  They love the sound that the surviving members of The Dead are making and can groove to it and have a good time yet...they really don't know that something is missing...could be Jerry, could be one of the other members who's passed.  Then you taste this wine and it's like...yeah...that's what was missing...it's Pigpen on vocals with that harmonica.  Long grooves, solid jamming' and just some bad ass beats.  This wine is the the Pigpen on their lineup!  Only 20 cases came into Seattle this year...I picked up 3 cases for everyone.  Get it now cause when it's gone...you are shit out of luck!


BTW....this is the bottle that Katie let me taste of it...it's on day three and it was tasting so fetch!  Yes...I'm trying to make Fetch happen.  That means it's really good!

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