La Kiuva Arnad Montjovet 2018

La Kiuva Arnad Montjovet 2018
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The DOC of Arnad-Montjovet is named for two small villages in the Vallee d'Aoste where the main grape grown is Picotendro, the local clone of Nebbiolo, which yields small bunches of tiny, ripe grapes that mature well in these northern climes and give intense fruit and depth to the local wines. This wine is 75% Nebbiolo plus a range of the local grapes including Gros Vien, Neyret, Cornalin and Fumin. It’s a lighter-bodied wine with frech, black cherry/raspberry flavors melded with an alluring spiciness and refreshing acidity. This is a rustic yet delicious, classic high elevation, Northern Italian red. Paid with any mushroom dish, chicken or medium-intensity cheese like Fontina from the Val d’Aosta!

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