Licence IV Provence Rose 2020 (4pack cans)

Licence IV Provence Rose 2020 (4pack cans)
  • $ 24.00

One thing unites every bar, brasserie and restaurant in France: the Licence IV plate. Licence IV is the permit in France allowing cafes, brasseries and restaurants to serve alcohol. The official enameled placards can be found bolted to the walls of these establishments throughout France.

With Licence IV wines, we travel back to the simplicity of wine and the way it has been enjoyed for many years…at the bar, in a small glass, enjoyed on the fly with friends.

I thought this was a wasn't.  It's actually really good and pretty tasty.  Best part...the cans can fit inside the arm-rest cooler of a Land Rover...if you're into that kinda thing.

**Please note that this is sold in a 4pack of cans that are 8oz each.  That's a total of 32oz of rosé.  Means you're really getting a full 8oz glass extra for free!

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