Luigi Baudana Dragon Langhe Bianco 2020

Luigi Baudana Dragon Langhe Bianco 2020
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Luigi Baudana is one of the last garagiste estates in Langhe. With just 4 quality hectares, they are located in some of the most prestigious Barolo crus in Serralunga d'Alba. The wines of the Luigi Baudana collection are an expression of powerful, genuine and true-to-terroir wines, expressing the best of the Nebbiolo grape. Baudana, the family name, the historical cru and the hamlet, is a sign of just how deep the family's roots are tied to this land.

The Luigi Baudana 2020 Langhe Bianco Dragon is mostly Chardonnay with Sauvignon Blanc, Nascetta and a touch of Riesling. These results are glossy and shiny in this vintage, showing enormous purity and lifted intensity. The bouquet is really very beautiful, with orchard fruit, preserved lemon and an elegant touch of natural rubber that works perfectly. In fact, you can smell the wine even when the glass is placed far away. To the palate, it is silky and smooth, and something you might want to bring on a special fly-fishing trip to pair with your evening dinner of lemon-pepper trout.

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