Martilde Bonarda Dell'Oltrepo Pavese 2013


Martilde Bonarda Dell'Oltrepo Pavese 2013
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Martilde is the creation of Antonella Tacci and Raimondo Lombardi. In 1991 they left their life in Milan working for IBM to start a small winery in the hills of the Oltrepo Pavese in the northwest of Italy. Located in the the commune of Rovescala, long reputed the birthplace of the Bonarda * grape, the estate covers some 15 hectares. While Antonella and Raimondo pay particular attention to Bonarda, they make many types of wine, some traditional, others innovative. Their labels are delightfully whimsical paintings by Antonella, mainly of their beloved animals. In fact the winery itself is named after two of their cats, Martina and Matilde.
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