Porto Rocha 10 Year Old Tawny

Porto Rocha 10 Year Old Tawny
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If there was ever a daily tawny Port, the Rocha 10 Year is it!  Unlike the Kopke 10 Year old which is a more masculine style, the Rocha tends to be a bit more feminine.  Don't let my description fool you though...this is no light-hearted tawny Port.  It's still all about the business that can keep up with any full-bodied cheese, rich desert or even a nice Padron 1964 Annivasario with a madero wrapper.  Sadly this Port has been discontinued by the producer so I bought as much as out little shop could hold...about 60 bottles worth.  Get it while I have it people cause at the price I'm letting it go at...I'm guessing it will only take a few days.


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