Porto Rocha Tawny 375ml

Porto Rocha Tawny 375ml
  • $ 10.00 $ 17.00
This is your basic tawny Port that is good for everything.  Don't be fooled though...just cause its not a 10 year or older...it's still pretty damn nice!  Hell...I normally have a few bottles on hand at the house for when I need a quick gift or we are out pheasant hunting and want to make a little sauce out in the field and or need a little nip to take the chill off.  Holds well up against cigar and strong cheeses but it best when you just use it as a night cap before bed or if you have a cough...it works great.  I mean...its tawny Port...how can it not be great?  If it was sold at regular price!!!  Cause it won't be.  I brought in only 72 half bottles.
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