Punta Crena Cruvin Colline Savonesi 2018

Punta Crena Cruvin Colline Savonesi 2018
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Liguria is best known for its crisp, aromatic whites—perfumed quaffers that get along nicely with the seafood-based cuisine. The region’s rare red wines often feature Sangiovese imported from nearby Tuscany or Granaccia (Grenache) from southern France, but other Ligurian reds spotlight indigenous grapes planted only in very localized areas.

Nothing could be truer of Crovino, a dark-skinned red grown, as far as we know, exclusively by the Ruffino family of Punta Crena, in their vineyards overlooking the seaside town of Varigotti. Crovino gives low yields, and its berries tend to fall to the ground upon achieving full ripeness, inciting other growers to tear out their vines in favor of less fussy varieties.

Fortunately, we can still enjoy a taste of Varigotti history through this delightfully fresh, spicy, medium-bodied red scented of tart blackberries, wild mint, and other aromatic herbs you would find on a hike through Liguria’s coastal mountains. It shines alongside regional pasta dishes—pansotti with salsa alle noci (walnut sauce) is a classic—or cuisine from Liguria’s mountainous interior, such as roast rabbit with taggiasca olives and wild herbs.

Anthony Lynch

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