The Loire Party Pack

The Loire Party Pack
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Three bottles of Loire Valley wines that are so amazing I decided to pull them aside and make a three-bottle party pack.  These are three of the five wines we tasted last Thursday and was shocked at how good they were.  I told Katie that I wanted six more bottles of these wines to make a special party pack.

2020 Caves des Vins de Les Tuilieres Sauvignon Blanc 

2020 Domaine Borgeot Les Tournelles Bouzeron (Sauvignon Blanc)

2018 Domaine Boucard Bourgueil Vieilles Vignes (Old Vines Cab Franc)

The wines go in order of strength. I want people to start drinking from the top to the bottom.  Pair them up with a meal w/ friends.  Try something different.  I don't care what you long as you like the food and the people you are'll love the wine. 

Trust me!


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