• San Felice w/ Katie on 3/13

    Tasting at 4pm
    People the time has come where we can no longer have tastings with 250 people showing up. I am sorry!! That being said, we'll still be having our Friday tastings and get this...traffic is a lot lighter, the parking lot in the back is clear and open and best of all...there's a pretty good chance it's gonna snow this Friday. Basically what I'm saying is...I have done everything humanly possible to keep the shop free of any viruses! There will be no spit bucket and I'll be using plastic cups that can be tossed in the garbage.

    Now the wines...

    2018 Vermentino "Perolla"
    2016 "Perolla" Maremma Toscana IGT
    2017 Chianti Classico
    2015 "Il Grigio" Chianti Classico Riserva
    2015 Pugnitello Toscana IGT

    These wines are timeless in that every single time we've had San Felice in the shop it's been a blowout. The wines over deliver and the prices are so low you can afford to buy an extra case of TP and a few bottles of each!
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