Shipping & Sales Tax

Here at Rain City Wines we tend to do things the old fashioned way.  If you purchase  wine online we don't just throw any old shipping quote on the package and send it on its way.  First we have to pull the wines off the shelf or out of the cellar.  We'll stick the wines in a used wine shipper (why use a new one when we can just keep the cost down to you and ship your wine in a used one?)  Once we have the info we need..we will send you an invoice to be paid for the shipping.  There must be someone who is 21 years of age to sign for the package and we will always insure the wines for loss or breakage during shipping.  If that does happen...please contact the shipper ASAP!

Depending on the time of year, we'll either get the address you want the wines shipped to or we'll ask to see if you want the wines held due to the temperature while the wines are in transit.  We will hold the wines in our cellar until you and we feel the temps are okay to ship.  We do this free of charge as we are more concerned about making sure the wine is taken care of rather than just make a few quick dollars.

In regards to sales Washington State we have a sales tax.  There is nothing we can do about this.  Currently the sales tax is 9.5%.  We have spoken to the WA State Department of Revenue about not including sales tax on online orders that are being shipped out of the state and was told it does not matter since we have a brick and mortar storefront in the state of WA.  If you have problems with that...please contact the State of WA DOR.  We don't like anymore than you but that is the law and we abide by it.


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