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You know how people always say they can get the best wines & the best deals?  Most of the time they think they are getting a great deal but what they end up with is getting duped.   Our wine shop is not the largest wine shop in the area, we don't have the fanciest wine bar or the expensive shelves.  What we have is relationships with our importers.  After being in the industry for 23 years and having our wine shop open 12 years we understand what people really want...a solid wine that doesn't break the bank.  We know that collectors want their wine cellars filled with wines that they can lay down to enjoy later and we understand that once in a while you're gonna want to celebrate and need something really special.
Our new SMS list will eventually take over our email list.  With all that's going on in the word these days we know that most of us have several hundred emails just sitting there waiting to be read.  Let's face it...most of them will never get responded to.  Hell, I have over 600 in my box and I know I'll never get around to them.  With SMS marketing, this changes how I can get you guys the wines you want and let you know about the deals before any other wine shops in the area even know the wines are in the state.  Look at it this way...I taste some wines, fall in love with them...know how many are coming in, take a picture, use my app and send it to you all.
When you sign up, you tell us how many bottles you want but typing only the number and hit send and go back to worrying about making that putt for par (please only type the number, no words, just the number of bottles, like... 6)
This is the fastest and easiest way for  you get you all the wines you want at the prices you want.  
You read, you like, you respond without clicking links, you hit send.  Everything else is done on my end and you just come get the wine.
Sign up today and start saving!

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