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Wanna get ahold of us?  This is where it all happens.  

We are located in the heart of downtown Bothell on Main Street.  We are in the building that used to be called the Paul Richards building but once Paul and Cathy retired, The Bine went in so I guess you can say we are in The Bine building.  We are located on the lower lever of the building in the back.  No one wants to see my ugly face so there's no need for me to be seen out front.  You can park in the parking lot in the back of the building just off 102nd or off 101st.  Walk like you are heading to The Bine and we'll be on the lower left side of you down some stairs on the corner with the glass windows.  You may see some people drinking wine outside and you make see an ugly guy tasting and spitting wine in to a bucket...that's me.

 Business Hours: Tuesday - Saturday  11AM - 7PM 



Our address is: 10131 Main Street, Ste A, Bothell WA 98011

Phone:  206-928-1353




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