Rain City Wines Wine Clubs

Since we specialize in old world wines you'll never have to worry about getting the same wines in your monthly wine club wines. Are you looking for the perfect low-key bottle for Wednesday's meatloaf?  Join the Daily Drinker Wine Club.  

Daily Drinker Red or White Wine Monthly Club $45 + tax per month

In this one of a kind monthly wine club you'll receive 2 bottles of wine, either red or white.  These are what we call "daily drinker" wines.  These wines are perfect for those mid-week wines that you can pair up with all sorts of easy peasy meals.  Try them with meatloaf, burgers or a big old bowl of spaghetti.  Welcome to Rain City Wines

Fine Details:  These are monthly clubs.   Wines are able to be picked up on or around the 5th of the month.  If you'd like your club wines shipped we will do that for you as well but you gotta pay for that.

 **please note that if your wines sit in the shop for longer than 120 days I will restock the wines and sell them rather than storing them in the shop.  With over 200 people in our wine clubs I just don't have the space to store everyones wines left over that amount of time.  




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