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I've rounded up the best wine clubs in North America. And guess what? They are all from Rain City Wines! What a shocker! I can't wait to tell you all about them.  All wine club members taste for free in our wine shop and they also get 15% off their club selections for that month!  Stock up and save.

Since we are specialize in old world wines you'll never have to worry about getting the same wines in your monthly, or quarterly, wine club wines. We have wine clubs to fit everyone's budget.  Are you looking for the perfect low-key bottle for Wednesday's meatloaf?  Join the Daily Drinker Wine Club.  Maybe you live outside the city, and only make it into town a few times a year?  Join the Cellar's Wine Club.  More on each of the club's below: 

Monthly Port Club $14 - $75

Now before anyone freaks out that you'll be spending $75 each month on Port...stop thinking that.  There are many bottles of Port that one must try before they even begin to crack open that level of fun.  Possibly during Christmas and maybe during Valentines month there will be something extra special but for the most part this club is about those daily drinking Ports that we all love and should have around the house for either guest or a late night snort.  We'll be covering the basics to the Colheita and possibly even a vintage Port if one comes around a great price.  The whole purpose is to get you thinking about Port and how you can mix it into your daily lives and even cook with it. We might even dabble into the world of Madeira...if you're lucky!  Welcome to the amazing world of Port.

Daily Drinker Red or White Wine Monthly Club $39

In this one of a kind monthly wine club you'll receive 3 bottles of wine, either red or white, of which all three will cost $13 each.  These are what we call "daily drinker" wines.  These wines are perfect for those mid-week wines that you can pair up with all sorts of easy peasy meals.  Try them with meatloaf, burgers or a big old bowl of spaghetti.  This is our most popular wine club due to the quality to price ratio you get when you pick up your wines.  Get ready to see what $13 a bottle can get you!  

Red Wine Monthly Club $75

Now you're looking at the big boys club.  Each month Cosimo will paw out 2-3 red wines.  These are not your normal red wines.  While most months there will be three wines, sometimes there will be two.  These wines are what you would bring to your boss's house to impress him.  Full-bodied, elegant and simply divine.  Wines like Clos La Coutale & Villa di Geggiano Chianti Classico Reserva.  You'll need to let these wines sit in the decanter, grab your pipe and slippers, and let these wines do their thing for an hour or so.  Food and wine pairings are what these wines are all about.  That Saturday night fillet, or maybe that Sunday night prime rib.  This club is all about the meat and potatoes.  

The Cellar's Wine Club $300-350 Quarterly

This club is all about the marbles.  Each quarter you'll get 12 bottles of wine with a value of $25-$30 for each bottle.  If you don't have a lot of time to think about what wines you need, we'll figure that out for you.  This club is for those who want a wide selection throughout the year but don't have the time to pick things out. Or you just want to experience something new each week so you can just grab a random bottle out of the box to enjoy.  

Welcome to Rain City Wines


Fine Details:  Membership in the above clubs is not limited to one, two, three, or four clubs. You can join one club, or three. We promise not to put a limit on your club patronage. Opting in or out is not limited to a calendar year. The clubs run monthly, or quarterly (Cellar).  If you join one month, and would like to 'skip' a month, or cancel, contact Santo 14 days before the start of the month (or quarter if Cellar) you'd like to skip/cancel membership. 

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