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  • 2016 Domaine Jamet Cote-Rotie

    2016 Domaine Jamet Cote-Rotie $160 per 750ml
    Domaine Jamet's Cote-Rotie is always a treat when it comes in.  The allocation for this wine is pretty small so when the twenty-four bottles are brought into the state...I just sit back with a coffee and wait.  It's always a crap shoot to see how many bottles we'll get and who will get them.  This year we were given three bottles of the Cote-Rotie of which...I'm fine with.  If you've never had the chance to have this Syrah flow past your gums, I would highly recommend you pick a bottle up.  Yes, the wine is spendy at $160 per bottle but trust is worth every penny.
    You'll be tasting some Syrah that's between 5-85 year old vines.  Not too shabby if you ask me.  The wine is 100% Syrah but comes from around 16 different locations throughout Cote-Rotie.  With a nose of smoked bacon and hints of floral-action, this is a wine that can sit for more than a decade if need be. Ages in barrel for 22 months then bottled.
    I know that I have a few bottles of the '07 at home and have been thinking about cracking them...I mean after 12 years of laying down...I bet they taste amazing!
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