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Welcome to the only wine shop in the state of Washington to specialize in old world wines. Have you been looking for wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Cotes du Rhone & Provence? Maybe you've just discovered the amazing Malbec's of Cahors or the killer Sancerre's of the Loire Valley and nobody you know has them? We do! Have the region of Italy always scared you so you always just go for a "Super Tuscan"? Maybe come by and try a nice Brunello di Montalcino or the king of wine...Barolo? Do you like Cigars? Who doesn't? But what about a nice Port with a cigar? You see where I'm going now? We carry over 100 years of tawny Port in the shop at all times! Why? Cause we are Port nerds! Maybe you want to try an older bottle of German Riesling? We have them. We carry producers that most wine shop owner have never seen or heard of. Come check us out. Our 550sqft shop might be the smallest in the state but with over 1200 producers...there's a reason why so many producers want to come and pour for our customers...it's because we are a real wine merchant...NOT a boutique wine shop! Wines start at $8 and we have a massive collection of wines that are only $13...we call these our daily drinkers. You want something rare...you got it! The Allman Brothers Band is always on! Get on the list for Domaine Tempeir Bandol Rosé, Raveneau & more!

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  • Scacciadiavoli in Bothell on 4/20 at 4pm

    Our young intern will be working with us at the shop on Friday plus I've told her she can run the tasting herself. She's been studying up on wines from Italy and I think she has the chops to talk to you all about Scacciadiavoli. Being that she's been in the wine industry since she was born...I know she won't steer you wrong.

    Here's what the kid has decided...

    2016 Scacciadiavoli Grechetto dell’Umbria - dry white wine that presents a range of lively aromas, both in the bouquet and in the mouth. Sweet fruit, white and yellow flowers and a fresh acidity keep the wine alive and persistent. At the right temperature it is the perfect accompaniment during hot summer days, as well as all year long with soups and pastas, or light main courses.

    2015 Scacciadiavoli Rosso di Montefalco - With spicy undergrowth aromas and a ripe juicy palate, this wine gets its distinctive, powerful structured flavour from the slightly wild sagrantino grape of Umbria, Italy, blended with sangiovese.

    2010 Scacciadiavoli Sagrantino di Montefalco - This is very polished and refined with polished tannins and a fruity finish. Full body and bright acidity.

    Now I will also be pouring one of our new 2017 Rosé as well so that's a little bonus for you.    
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