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When was the last time you tasted vintage Madeira at a wine tasting while listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd? We carry over 1000 different producers from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, & one producer from Lebanon. Yup...Lebanon. We try to update our website daily but what can we say...we're busy and we are a one man show w/ the exception of our 2-year-old who comes in to move bottles around for us. Weekly tastings on Friday & Saturday from 4-7pm. The shop is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11AM to 7PM. We carry some of the more sought after producers, as well as your daily drinking wines. We have a few wine clubs, and a Japanese Chin who will sit in your kid's lap on the floor while you taste wines. Welcome to Rain City Wines

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  • Fattoria di Fubbiano in Bothell on 9/21

    For the first time in Bothell we have Fubbiano here!!! I've tried before but there wasn't enough wine to go around. This time...I secured the wine and we'll be rolling this producer out in style.

    2012 Fattoria di Fubbiano Vermentino - A wine with a distinct personality, with very luminous golden yellow and green tonalities. The bouquet gives different hues of ample aromas with elegance and style, reminiscences of mineral emotions, citrus and tropical fruit, along with floral aromas of acacia blossoms and of broom. The taste reveals a remarkable suppleness, which is well-balanced with an appropriate freshness and a very pronounced sapidity; it has an intense aromatic persistence which lingers for a long time.

    2015 Fattoria di Fubbiano Colline Lucchesi Rosso - It is a wine which can be enjoyed throughout the courses of a meal, whose bouquet improves with time. It shows a ruby red colour, a fine bouquet with remarkable aromas reminiscent of sweet violet and wild berries.

    2008 Fattoria di Fubbiano San Gennaro Rosso - It is a wine with an intense ruby red color, with a strong and round body. The bouquet is intense and lingering, reminiscent of red berry fruits.

    2008 Fattoria di Fubbiano I Pampini Rosso - Its color is intense ruby red, the bouquet offers a wonderful olfactory range which starts with initial emanations of red berry fruits and it develops towards spicy aromas, where the richness of vanilla, tobacco and light balsamic notes gradually prevail with a remarkable persistence. The taste reveals a great structure, supported with a good acidity and with mature, well-balanced tannins. It finishes generously and with persistence, providing with ethereal aromas and a reminiscence of liquorice.

    2012 Fattoria di Fubbiano Canaiolo Rosso - You want this tasting note...you need to come in!!
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