Anne Claude Leflaive Clau de Nell Grolleau IGP 2018

Anne Claude Leflaive Clau de Nell Grolleau IGP 2018
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The 2018s Grolleau From Clau de Nell is a dark fruity wine with a fantastic spiciness, which the wine, however, only really reveals when you decant it. Then you'll find notes of rich ripe cherries and plums, wild strawberries and raspberries combined with herbs, pepper and damp warm forest floor. Overall, this comes across as both grounded and elegant.

On the palate the 2018s Grolleau once again as a completely independent Loire wine somewhere between Cabernet and Pinot, somewhere between noblesse and country life. The fruit combines wild strawberries and raspberries with plums and a few cherries, the wine seems lively and fresh, at the same time the still firm tannin grabs powerfully. At the same time the Grolleau Always precise and structured, long and complex with a slight peppery finish. The wine has an ageing potential of 15+ years. Grolleau, along with Pineau d'Aunis, is one of the finest discoveries to be made in the Loire Valley.


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