Domaine Lingot Martin 'Gueule de Gamay' Pet Nat Rose NV

Domaine Lingot Martin 'Gueule de Gamay' Pet Nat Rose NV
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Bugey lies on the line between Lyon and Geneva in the foothills of the alps. It has Savoie to the east, the Jura to the north, Burgundy to the west, and the Rhone to the south. While grapes have been grown here since Roman times Bugey and Cerdon were only granted AOC status in 2009. Lately the wines have been getting more attention but the economic climate was not always so favorable. So it was that in 1970 the Lingot, Martin and Bolliet families joined forces to ensure their continued production of Cerdon. They were joined in 2006 by the Guillon family, all under the name Lingot Martin.lingot-martin-cerdon-bugey Cerdon is a cru. of the Bugey wine region, covering a mere 137 hectares. Of these Lingot Martin cultivate 40, on steep slopes ranging up to and over 1200 feet. The soils are stoney clayey-limestone.  Slightly dusty in character and showing some structure, this dry wine is crisp and has some bitterness. This suggests that the wine needs a few months to bring out its natural fruitiness.

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