Pommery Cuvee Louise 2005

Pommery Cuvee Louise 2005
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The wine has a yellow, slightly golden color with an exceptional brightness and limpidity. The effervescence is fine and delicate. Finesse and elegance are the first words which come to your mind on the first nose. The universe of 2005 is marked by floral notes in all their complexity. The Chardonnay is expressed here in all its nuances owing the long aging in our cellars (linden, hawthorn, vineyard peach). With its high purity, this bouquet is delicately blended with buttery notes. After aeration, the Pinot Noir expresses itself, too, and the wine gains in complexity with the tertiary aromas of roasted hazelnuts and mild tobacco associated with vanilla, almost balsamic notes. This wine is like a caress, its texture is velvety and creamy. The attack is frank, without asperity and imbalance. Its incredible harmony and its minerality invite you to a unique experience during which the aromas perceived on the nose are back and enter into a synergy. The heart of the tasting is intensive and structured. The finale, with the gentleness of honey and lemon, comes to punctuate this wine and provides the vintage with its signature through a delicate flavor, a noble bitterness, which gives this cuvée its fi nal structure.

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