Red Wine Monthly Club

Red Wine Monthly Club
  • $ 75.00
Now you're looking at the big boys club.  Each month Cosimo will paw out 2-3 red wines.  These are not your normal red wines.  While most months there will be three wines, sometimes there will be two.  These wines are what you would bring to your boss's house to impress him.  Full-bodied, elegant and simply divine.  Wines like Clos La Coutale & Villa di Geggiano Chianti Classico Reserva.  You'll need to let these wines sit in the decanter, grab your pipe and slippers, and let these wines do their thing for an hour or so.  Food and wine pairings are what these wines are all about.  That Saturday night fillet, or maybe that Sunday night prime rib.  This club is all about the meat and potatoes.  Just like the others you'll get some tasting notes and a decent idea of what to pair them up with, plus you'l get 15% off when you buy 6 bottles of the same vintage.  Step up to the plate...if you dare.
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