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    On the banks of the river Layon in the beautiful Loire Valley exists one of the world's largest and oldest single wine stocks. Miles of underground cellars contain wines dating back to the 1800's. These are the sweet Chenin Blanc wines of Moulin Touchais, one of the Loire Valley's most legendary estates. Their vineyards are among the most famous in the Anjou area, lying in the heart of the Coteaux du Layon region. Like Huët, these wines are some of the most age-worthy on the planet. In fact, Moulin Touchais is the only winery in the world we know of who gives a CENTURY LONG GUARANTEE ON THE LONGEVITY OF THEIR WINES.

    These are by definition sweet wines, though not in the classical sense. Over time, the residual sugar melds with the acidity and fruit, leaving the impression they are much less sweet than they actually are. They are wines of great versatility, perfect harmony and among the great hidden gems of the wine world.

    Unfortunately, the wines are seldom seen on the market. For one, it is only produced in great vintages. Secondly, they aren't released until at least ten years after date of harvest. When they are, the vast majority is quickly snatched up by locals, leaving very little for consumers here in the US. However, we just got our hands on a lot from their most recent release and were able to acquire good quantities on top back vintages. And because we bought them directly from the domaine, the wines are not only pristine, but we obtained them at amazing pricing. In fact, really amazing! Wines of this quality, age and provenance simply don't exist in today's market, so we encourage you to take advantage of this unique buying opportunity while you can.

     I need to know what you'd like by Friday the 2nd so we can get them on the ship and have them in time for the holidays.

    2005 Coteaux du Layon $54 per 750ml

    2002 Coteaux du Layon $58 per 750ml

    1997 Coteaux du Layon $62 per 750ml

    1996 Coteaux du Layon $62 per 750ml

    1985 Coteaux du Layon $66 per 750ml

    1981 Coteaux du Layon $70 per 750ml


    Let me know people...These prices are only for the pre-sale.  Once the wines come in...they'll go up.

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