Firriato Altavilla della Corte Grillo 2020

Firriato Altavilla della Corte Grillo 2020
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The Grillo grapes grown on the Borgo Guarini Estate fully convey the uniqueness of their terroir of origin. The hillside climate, with greater differences in temperature in comparison to areas on the coast, endows these grapes with a richer and more intense aromatic profile, consisting of thiols and aromatic precursors. It is a vine on the rise in Sicilian oenology, where it is usually cultivated near the coast. Firriato, however, has chosen to grow it on the hillside area of the Borgo Guarini Estate. This area is characterised by a microclimate that is subject to a marked difference in temperature, which together with the action of the wind, allows them to obtain wines with a vast aromatic spectrum during the wine making process. These wines are fresher in comparison to wines produced from Grillo grapes cultivated on the coast.
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