Valdo Floral Brut Rose

Valdo Floral Brut Rose
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Spumante Floral Rosé reflects a new philosophy that stems from the need to reconnect with a natural, uncontaminated, wild world, full of plants, in order to rediscover a new psychophysical well-being. The artwork strongly depicts these values, and it is the fourth special edition devoted to the world of flowers and nature by Valdo. It is a sparkling wine that, as well as being appealing has a strong taste personality, created from the blending of the Glera grape, the queen of Prosecco, with the Sicilian Nerello Mascalese, which gives character and depth of aroma to the product. The sparkling process which lasts at least 4 months adds complexity, but at the same time preserves the fruitiness that strongly characterises this innovative sparkling wine.
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