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  • Benanti from Etna with Andrew Ruggles

    January 17th at 4pm


    It's been a few years since we held a full-blown Etna tasting in the shop. I did go to one in Portland last year while on vacation and it got me thinking....Etna wines are pretty amazing. Then the holidays came along, we got busy... yet were selling lots of Benanti.

    Now, I'm not one who follows the wine rags since I believe most of them are like the news media...pushing their own narrative about wine so I'd rather just hear it from someone, taste it and buy it.

    It's time for Andrew Ruggles of Cru Selections to taste you all on the wines of Etna from Benanti. Here are the wines that will be poured...

    2018 Benanti Etna Bianco
    2017 Contrada Cavaliere Bianco
    2017 Etna Rosso
    2017 Contrada Cavaliere Rosso
    2017 Contrada Monte Serra Rosso

  • Port Tasting Part I

    January 4th 2020 at 3pm till 6pm

    Last year I was only able to conduct one Port tasting therefore I'll be rolling a few more this year for sure! I pushed Champagne on you all pretty hard as I wanted to show you all that the bubbly can be for any meal, anytime and any place.

    People...this is the year of Port! I'll be having several Port tastings throughout the year. I always have people tell me the "hate" Port and that it's too sweet. I chalk this up to all that swill and hooch people used to drink back in college and in their younger adult drinking days.

    This Saturday will be Port Part I

    We're gonna get our feet wet. Tread the water a bit, maybe use some water wings or a noodle to float in the shallows. I want everyone to just enjoy and taste this lovely fortified wine. See what you think? Taste a few and talk about it. That's it. Once we get to Part 3 or 4...that's when we really get serious and take the Rabelo down the river!


  • 2017 Domaine Dujac Offer

    Well it's been a year since we've been able to get any Domaine Dujac in the shop.  Now I could like other shops in the area, pick some up on the gray market and take the risk of not knowing how the wines were stored or shipped but really...that's to much of a risk for this wine merchant.  I need to know that the wines are perfect when they are dropped off at the shop.  Here's what we have to offer you...


    1 bottle 2017 Domaine Dujac Clos de la Roche Grand Cru $499


    1 bottle 2017 Domaine Dujac Echezeaux Grand Cru $450


    1 bottle 2017 Domaine Dujac Chambolle-Musigny AOC $122


    1 bottle 2017 Domaine Dujac Puligny-Montrachet Les Folatiere Premier Cru $193 



    If you want one...click now and buy cause...they won't last long.  

    • Cristal & Friends Tasting Part III

      Tasting starts at 4pm 
      Cost $25 per person unless you're in the wine club
      This is it people...the final Champagne tasting of the year. This is where we pull out the big guns and show your senses what its all about. Once a year we do a Champagne tasting like this and it just happens to be right before Christmas and New Years. Why? It's celebration time and you deserve something special for dealing with the holidays.

      Here's who's coming to the show...

      Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV
      Louis Roederer Brut Nature 2009
      Louis Roederer Cristal Brut 2008*
      Champagne Lanson Brut Black Label NV
      Champagne Jean Josselin Audace Rosé NV
      Champagne Colin Grand Cru Brut Millésime Blanc de Blancs 2008
      Champagne Copinet Brut Nature Blanc de Blancs (Zero Dosage)
      Champagne Copinet "Cuvée Monsieur Léonard" Blanc de Blancs 2009
      Champagne Veuve Fourny & Fils Vertus Rosé Brut 1er Cru
      Champagne Veuve Fourny & Fils Vertus Brut Nature 1er Cru
      Blanc de Blancs

      I'm waiting to hear back about a few other Champagne to round this tasting out. Thoughts on the list so far?

      There will be a $25 tasting fee for this tasting. Wine club members will get to taste for free. Club members will also get 10% all their purchases the night of the tasting minus Cristal as the price listed will be the cheapest in the entire state of Washington!!!

      Get your tickets soon. I've only made 50 ticket available for this tasting and Part I & II sold out.
    • We Go To 11 Tasting on 12/14

      Tasting starts at 2pm and is Free!
      For the first time in Bothell's history the wine shop is doing something so crazy it should be on the local news It won't be cause we're not new-hungry kinda people but what we are doing is insane. Most wine shops around this year will have a special sale to sale thanks and give you 10% off on certain items in the shop. We're going one better than those so-called shops...we're going to...11% off everything in the store except Cristal. sorry...I don't make 11% on it so...nope.

      Also..I'll be cracking 5 bottles of wine to taste throughout the day. From daily drinkers to a balls-out big boys.

      Here's what I'm thinking about popping. I'm sure there will be others as the day goes a long.

      2018 Unlitro Toscano Rosso
      Malvira Birbet Brachetto NV
      2015 Chateau Andriet Bordeaux Supérieur
      2013 Clos Chanteduc Cotes du Rhone Rouge
      2015 Les Pallieres Terrasse du Diable

      So come all far and wide...and help us take it to...eleven! We'll also be playing Spinal Tap the movie all day long!
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